Thursday, June 6, 2013

Experience the AMD Test Drive Program

When I need a break from the world, I often stare down one of my PC chassis until I invent a problem that can only be solved by ripping it open, swapping out some parts, rebooting and then rebooting again because I forgot to hit F10 or delete at the BIOS splash screen.  If you know what I'm talking about you are going to love my next sentence.

AMD is looking for some enthusiasts (nerds), like me, to participate in AMD’s all new A-Series Test Drive program, launching in conjunction with the announcement of our new 2013 Elite A-Series APUs for desktop.  We want to share our excitement with representatives from our DIY community.  The first step is to get our test-drivers everything they need for a killer new system based on our latest and greatest desktop APU, the A10-6800K, codenamed "Richland".  Of course, every expedition needs a trusty, but slightly off-beat tour guide. Not to worry, I got you!  I will be participating and blogging my experience with said test drive.  We can all chronicle the experience together; transform our respective stacks of hardware into the engines for real-world experiences.  That's the key.  We AMDers want to know how you're turning technologies into action. I remember using my first home build to unleash my fury on the Kilrathi in Wing Commander and I remember my wife using our PC to design our wedding invitations.  That's science becomes art.

Details, details.  Here they are ...

The AMD A-Series Test Drive program targets AMD’s most vocal fans who are active in the component community.  AMD provides the components and software (OS, apps) necessary to build an A-Series-based system and asks in turn that participants build a system, then comment/post their experiences (videos, photos, comments, etc.), ultimately helping to guide other enthusiasts to become advocates of AMD.

I am excited. I have been at AMD for almost 7 years and I have owned every generation of APU.  The evolution has been breathtaking, but I have cleared a spot in my home office for the newest, fastest, APU.  With you, as a part of the AMD Test Drive program I will benchmark, game, time my bootup and maybe throw a few different OSs on there for good measure.

Check back after launch for updates from the “Youngblood” lab.  I'll also introduce you to my partner in crime, my just-turned-4-year-old son.

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