Friday, June 7, 2013

AMD Leads Data Center Innovation with the New AMD Opteron X-Series Processors

Today, we are excited to announce our highly anticipated Opteron X-Series processors, previously known as “Kyoto.” The AMD Opteron X-Series processors are a brand new family of low power server processors and are the industry’s highest density, most power-efficient small core x86 processors ever built. They’re ideally suited to dense server clusters, the latest in AMD’s portfolio of low power offerings.
What’s more, the new AMD Opteron X-Series processors come in both APU and CPU-only versions, making this the very first available server APU, integrating both CPU and GPU engines on a single die. The AMD Opteron X2150 consumes just 11 watts, while the AMD Opteron X1150 consumes as little as 9 watts and is a CPU-only version optimized for general scale-out workloads.

With twice the performance and less power usage than the top-performing Intel Atom processor, the new X1150 and X2150 processors beat the Intel Atom processor based on several performance benchmarks. They also have twice the cores and L2 cache with a more advanced pipeline architecture, provide higher integration, and support up to 32 GB of DRAM – that’s four times more than the Intel Atom processor!
In addition, the AMD Opteron X-Series processors are ideal for next-generation scale-out web and cloud applications, ranging from big data analytics to image processing, multimedia content delivery and hosting.
It’s only natural that one of the first systems to use the AMD Opteron X-series chips will be HP’s Moonshot servers, which utilize extreme low-energy server technologies. The AMD Opteron X-series processors are a critical part of the Moonshot ecosystem offering both performance and power.
The AMD Opteron X2150 APU and X1150 CPU are generally available now for $99 and $64 respectively, in 1K quantities.
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